I have been lagging on posts – not that you would notice, because I didn’t publish the first one on time. Heh. Moving along to a curtailed summary of the past week or so….

The first model was Matilda Tao, the hostess of the Taiwanese version of American Idol (One Million Star) for a jewelry company.

The second model was for some sort of Chinese healthy grain drink company.

The third, for Big Train Jeans at a film studio. His appearance reminded me of Oguri Shun. Half the shots had dramatic lighting, fog machine included. The other half had plain backgrounds and action shots. A couple of the poses were meant to imitate bboy freezes -for those, although I said nothing out loud, my heart screamed countless NO!s at the multiple flaws in form. While I am no bgirl master, I at least knew better than the rest of the people present, the proper way. Besides, they even had sample photos. Sigh. I suppose most people do not care. [edit: Apparently, the model was Show Luo. Once again, the extent of my Taiwanese celebrity recognition does not go far.)

Enough ranting on that. Apparently, I need to brush up on my Taiwanese celebrity knowledge because I did not recognize Jolin Tsai at first (do not fret: now, if I ever know who we are shooting, I will immediately wiki that person when I arrive home. I couldn’t believe Jolin’s already 30!). To my surprise, she was shorter and skinnier than I am. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of her, but she dances well and has a good smile. There were three shoots for her over two days.

Finally, someone I recognized, because of tennis: Lu Yen-Shun. If you do not know who he is, click this link. He was really nice, and the set-ups were a bit more fun (One of them included over 100 tennis balls! Fortunately, I had the chance to get one signed). For the most part, they included only a single light (one extremely bright and hot film studio light or Broncolor lamp).

[Update: Click for GQ Taiwan video]

*I apologize that I cannot give all the details away about my experiences on a public forum for confidentiality reasons – but you may ask me personally!