Another 30 year old artist – but this one, I was not familiar with: Elva. Again, my American side shows.

Things balance out a bit more though, with the last group I had the opportunity to meet: Fahrenheit! Like with Jolin, the shoot went on for two days. This was the first time the photographer shot a group while I was there. They are extremely friendly, although my first words to one of the members may have come off a bit ruder than I intended (I know, great first impression. Anecdote later, if you wish). One setup included a large, carved ice block, which was slightly difficult to capture under the bright lights. So far, we used the most amount of lights for the shoots in the studio with them. At one point, I counted 6, plus a reflector. The next day was at a luxury bar/club. Is it awesome/funny/sad/typical that the first club I have ever entered was for photo reasons? Since it was during the afternoon, and thus, before opening hours, only a few employees were in. The setting was pretty neat. Oh – and for the first time, the models talked to me. Not much, but I am satisfied.

My friend pointed out that I should be taking greater advantage of this assisting business. My incompetence in Mandarin/Taiwanese and shyness around strangers should not bar me from expanding my social network as much as possible!