Normally, when asked to shoot professional portraits, I have to keep a few things in mind. Perhaps most importantly is to make sure that the subject looks relaxed and comfortable. However, this was not a normal photoshoot.

Will Choi

The members of this team comprised The Leadership Leadership Team for The Comedy Comedy Festival, a four day event event stuffed with humor in the heart of Los Angeles. At their request, I was to capture the most awkward of corporate-styled shots. Here, any feelings of nervousness and silliness were embraced – no pretty smiles allowed!

Jenny Yang
Phil Yu
Keiko Agena

And because we had to showcase the most expressive of facial contortions, beautiful ugly ugly faces were made. What a paradox!

Naomi Ko

The Comedy Comedy Festival begins next week, August 27 – August 30th 2015. Reserve tickets here to catch these hilarious faces and a slew of other talents.