Growing up, I didn’t see many Asian-Americans in media. I was restricted to watching PBS shows or whatever my parents wanted to watch, so I only really knew of the typical kung fu kings, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Nowadays, shows like Fresh Off The Boat and Dr. Ken feature more Asian-Americans, give me hope in showing more diversity in entertainment, beyond a sidekick or stereotype.

During The Comedy Comedy Festival this past weekend, I was introduced to the talented comics in the Asian-American community. The schedule was filled with stand-up, improv (long and short form), script readings, and workshops. More importantly, it provided a place for Asian-Americans to perform in Los Angeles.

Pun Plip Pridays
Jenny Yang
Atsuko Okatsuka

Saturday’s secret special guest was the exuberant Margaret Cho. Since it was Jenny Yang’s (producer of the festival and co-founder of Disoriented Comedy) dream to have Margaret Cho headline a show, it was inspiring to see that dream come true.

Margaret Cho & Jenny Yang
Margaret Cho
Script Reading
Script Reading 2
Kung Fu Zombies vs Cannibals Script Reading

There’s a quote that goes, “Every time you are able to find humor in some difficult situation, you win.” I’m still figuring out what’s so funny with my own challenges, but I am grateful for the shared laughter and encouragement from those grinding through to find their own success.