“[My name]’s from the Bible. It’s short for Mizrahim. It’s one of Noah’s sons.

Well, I’m from the Bay Area. I just moved out here from Oakland, probably about six months ago. I go to CSU Long Beach. I play soccer, as you can see. I’m 21. I’m not that interesting. I don’t know.

Well, I just recently bought Grand Theft Auto V, so I’ve been doing that a lot lately. The last game I played aside from that one was Call of Duty, and that was like, days ago.

I’m like a movie fanatic. I’m a Netflix junkie. Scary movies, mostly, and comedies. I like the Insidious movies. They’re good, you should watch them. They’re not like suspenseful-scary. They’re just like story-scary. It’s a good story line yeah. I like how it has to do with spirits. It’s kind of cool. Like out-of-body experiences and stuff? So, I’m really interested in that, I guess. I would cry if [sleep paralysis] ever happened to me. It’d be crazy if that did happen to me, but no, it’s never happened. I’ve heard stories about it though, from friends.

[I study] Kinesiology. Mostly because I’m really interested in sports, and I want to be one of those sports med people on the sidelines. So that’s pretty much why I chose it. And I’ve always been pretty fascinated with the body and stuff. Like the way it works.

Well, I started playing [soccer] when I was like, three, so probably around then. And then I played volleyball too for a little bit but not for too long. Mostly been soccer. My parents put me in a program, where like, when you’re a kid, they play all different kinds of sports. And depending on the type of sport you like, they help you get into a league and a little program. So, I chose soccer. Just stuck with it. I really don’t know why I chose soccer compared to all of the other sports, but it just seemed funner to me. That’s the only thing that I like doing that helps me relieve my stress and stuff. Yeah, school is stressful. Like always though, it’s stressful.

A favorite memory? Let me think. Yeah, I guess so, but I wouldn’t say it’s a good memory. I broke someone’s nose by kicking the ball at their face. But not on purpose! They were super close, and I just kicked it, and they were like right there. And I broke their nose, and it was bleeding. And then he was trying to fight me, but I didn’t end up fighting him. I just left. I got off the field because I was like, ‘No, this is going to cause a riot. Fuck that.’ It’s like the most – I forgot the word, but it sticks out in my head the most.”

Excerpt may be edited for clarity.