“Well, I live in Manhattan Beach, and I work here as a docent once a month. I originally grew up on the East Coast, but I’ve lived in Manhattan Beach since 1965. Now that I’m retired. I do a lot of lawn bowling, which is bowling on the green, the grass. And I belong to the Hermosa Beach Lawn Bowling Club. But I also bowl at Beverly Hills in Holmby Hills.

A friend of mine was involved in starting the historical society, and she needed helpers to open up the house on Saturdays and Sundays. So I did it initially to help her, and then I found that there’s a lot to be learned just by being here and looking through the books and the pictures. And so, my wife and I have looked in Redondo, Hermosa, San Pedro, the different historical societies to see the displays out and what their histories are. It’s just interesting.

I grew up in Massachusetts. After school, I came to Manhattan Beach with my wife. We wanted to see the Beach Boys. Then started getting settled out here and stayed here since then. I was in education, and I used to coach a bunch of different sports, mainly basketball, soccer, baseball. And I have a summer home in the state of Maine, so I drive cross-country every year. [Manhattan Beach]’s just very comfortable living, but it’s also comfortable getting away for the summer when it gets too crowded here.”

Excerpt may be edited for clarity.