If you know me and my photography aspirations, you will know that for the longest time, I have wanted to embark on a “Strangers” project. This entails going out, finding a stranger, asking them to talk about themselves, and then taking their portrait.

Wait, didn’t you do something like that with Hard Shelled Cream Puffs? Yes, in a way, and yes, it is still partially inspired by the 100 Strangers Project. However, I am starting this on a wider scale – not just with motorcyclists.

Why? First and foremost, to get back into taking photographs regularly and to improve my photography. Secondly, to improve my own social skills and anxiety in speaking to strangers. I used to (and still do) find approaching unfamiliar people daunting. What if they say no? What if they think I’m a creep? What if they … bite? These are the types of irrational fears I am trying to overcome. After all, if one does not speak to strangers, how does one make friends?

I also LOVE stories. Instead of simply people watching and guessing at their stories, I can ask!

Here, you can hold me accountable for following through with this project and watch my progress. Wish me luck!