Dance is always such an exciting event to shoot – the energy is fantastic, and the music fits just so. On January 30th, I had the opportunity to cover Vibe 16, a [mostly] hip-hop dance competition hosted by Lambda Theta Delta and sponsored by Kallusive.

Victor Kim and Jason Yang entertain the crowd with a few songs to start off the competition.
Entity showed off their contemporary dance sequence as part of the Exhibition.
Kinjaz (Previously known as Anbu Black Ops) adds a flare to their sequel.
Kyle Hanagami
Choreographer and one of this year's judges Kyle Hanagami presents a beautifully clean dance and story. Even though he is not pictured and this is not my best photo, it captures one of my favorite parts.
These talented kids stole the show, performing with ABDC Season 5's Winner, Poreotics.
CADC claps in sync with the beat; The winners of Vibe 14, did not manage to place this year.
Choreo Cookies
After a very classy piece, Choreo Cookies accepts their second 1st place win in a row.