What, a weekend update? Why yes, dear readers. The past weekend was quite special indeed.

First, I got a haircut. I have never spent so much time in a hair salon before (7+ hours, mostly because I also got part of it dyed), and I am still not used to having such short hair … but I can say that the cut was for a good cause. About 9 inches of hair will go to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign. Donating my hair is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but did not have the patience to grow out the required length.

Please excuse my little segue of non-photo-related topic.

Three years ago, I had the delightful opportunity to see A Moving Sound (AMS), a group of talented musicians with an eclectic sound, at William Attaway‘s studio in Venice Beach. It was an experimental sort of collaboration and perhaps one of my first, up-close exposures to performance art. Mia invited me to help them take photos a free concert as part of 99 Performing Arts: Arts Festival in Community. Held outdoors at Taipei ChungSiao Park, the rain earlier in the afternoon delayed the preparation of the stage and soundcheck – however, the rest of the evening went smoothly, without rain. Besides AMS were a flamenco guitarist, a cellist, a couple other singers, and a mix of dancing kids and adults.

Taipei Mayor
The mayor of Taipei attended the beginning of the show.
A Moving Sound
The reflection is from rainwater on a ledge. The man dressed in complete black is the flamenco guitarist (sorry, didn’t catch his name!).
mia, girls - dance
AMS invited children to come up to the stage to dance. Those who did, recieved a free CD.

Monday – the reason for the “-ish” in the title. So, I got the opportunity to assist Liang Su through my father’s friend’s friend’s friend. Recently,  I had the opportunity to meet AND assist this certain friend’s friend, who does both video and photo work. I helped her take behind-the-scene photos and video, using her Canon 7D. The event was a commercial shooting for ID SHE, an online store for the ladies, featuring cute bags, clothes, jewelry, and shoes and starred a familiar member of Fahrenheit, Wu Chun, and a newer (but just as sweet!) singer, Olivia Ong. Also saw another familiar face, James (Hello, if you’re reading this)!

Wu Chun, Olivia Ong