…On their phones. At least, it seems that phone use is a more frequent occurance in a major metropolitan area. That should be a blatantly obvious thing, but it took me a series of photos to figure that out. It’s a bit ironic that while photography relies so much on being observant, it is very easy for the photographer to block extraneous (maybe even more pertinent!) details out and lose sight of (forgive me) the overall picture.

SPiNYC 001
SPiNYC 002

Look both ways!

SPiNYC 003
SPiNYC 004
SPiNYC 005

Ice skating in Bryant Park.

SPiNYC 006

Near Rockefeller Center

SPiNYC 007

On the way home.

SPiNYC 009
SPiNYC 010

On yet another Captain Obvious-Should-Have-Told-You note, my 24-70mm is not a discreet lens with which to take street photos.